I Finally Joined The World of Blogging

I have wanted to start a blog for about ten years, but I never had the guts to do it.  And then I realized I didn’t need as much intestinal fortitude as I’d previously thought, but I never took the time to set one up… Until today!

So, here I am, making an attempt.  I’m writing this blog post from my bed, using my iPhone, while nursing my six month old baby girl, Bella Boo (our nickname for her, as I’m pretty sure for safety’s sake, I’m not supposed to share real names).  We have another daughter who is turning three this week, nicknamed Wemma Woo.  The interesting thing about their nicknames is that both of their real names start with the same letter, and it isn’t B or W.  🙂

There is a significant reason I have wanted to keep a blog.  It’s not for vanity or pride.  I have wanted to do this so that I could help encourage other women who are struggling as I am, to be godly stay-at-home-mom’s in this modern age.  Originally I wanted to start it to encourage fellow single christian women, then married without children women, the married with children working moms, and finally married with children and staying home.  So here I am… Late to the game, but still playing!

I have so much to share and I don’t know quite where to begin.  I guess I’ll start with this:

Follow my blog if you are seeking encouragement in your daily walk with the Lord, if you are a mom struggling to get in a rhythm, or just struggling to do anything right at all, or simply a follower of Christ looking for some building-up.  I hope I can encourage you and help you make good choices as we walk along life’s road and handle the blessings and circumstances that God has given to us.  And of course, never alone, but with the Saviour, hand in hand.

I’ll end my first post with this: If you don’t believe in God or you have questions about the God of the Bible or would like to know Him deeply, please visit: