Natural Teething Pain Relief

imageMy eight-month old daughter, E3, is getting her top incisors in and having a terrible time with it.  Her gums are swollen, and she’s constantly running her tongue over them, fussing, chewing everything, and just generally uncomfortable.

I really hate giving my children medicine, especially if I know there is another option.  There’s so much hype nowadays regarding kidney and liver damage due to over medicating, not to mention recent studies showing negative side effects on infants and children.

So bearing in mind that I am not a doctor, nor am I qualified to give any medical advice, I am just a Mom who has tested this option out and found that it works for our family and our children, here is what we do for teething pain:

Cloves and Peanut Butter.

Simple, affordable, natural.

Well, mostly natural.  Oh and by the way, if your child has nut allergies, this probably isn’t going to work for you.  Please use common sense and don’t give peanut butter to a child who is allergic to peanuts.

I mixed a spoonful of a name brand peanut butter, yes with added ingredients, and a few shakes of ground cloves.  Then I smeared the mixture onto my daughter’s swollen gums.  She had a delicious 😋 time licking it off.  I did this a few times and even fed her a baby-spoonful, and before I knew it, she was fast asleep and pain-free.

We make our own baby food and store it in little reusable containers.  I put a bit of peanut butter and cloves in one of these containers and carry it with me wherever we go in case she has teething pain.  I’m telling you, it’s the best idea I ever had.  I just wish I had thought of it with my older girls E1 and E2, who are now five and two.

The reason we don’t use natural peanut butter for this is because it tends to be extra sticky and dry.  I don’t want to put my baby into a panic or have her choke on the sticky peanut butter, so I opted for “unnatural” and sweet.  Besides, sugar can also relieve pain.

Anyway, there you have it.  “Natural,” teething pain relief.

Share your natural rememdies for pain for children or mom’s in the comments.  I’d love to read them!